Trade of Hiru Corporation

After a week of virtually no trade of Hiru Corp. (PINK:HIRU) shares, a record volume of 3.67 million was reached for the last session, making the average of 250 thousand seem insignificant. Eventually, HIRU stock closed at a price of $0.011 per share which was a 57.14% rise.

During the session the price reached $0.015 as a result of  the promotion paid by a third party shareholder of Hard to Treat Diseases. The promoter behind the advertising campaign had disclosed that he had been compensated  5 million free shares. The promoter also revealed that he  had sold all of the awarded shares the same day. This action had most likely put an end to the price ascension changing it in a downwards direction. The rest of the compensation amounted to about eighty-five thousand dollars.

On Nov. 26 it was annouced that the sales department of HIRU subsidiary Shuangshi AHP Co. had recently presented its full roster of animal health products to their customers at a large product promotional fair. This news apparently acted as an overture to the forthcoming massive promotional campaign, additionally boosting the performance of HIRU stock.

The main focus of Hiru Corporation and it’s main subsidiary Shuangshi AHP Co. is the development, production and marketing of veterinary products. They operate in the Chinese husbandry market and have plans to expand their business in the country.

Their last quarterly report would suggest that the company is in a relatively good state. However, there are some assets that are not clearly accounted for. The cash they report as available is less than the short term financing liabilities as shown in the report. The company reports a net profit of about $370 thousand, but it should be pointed out that the report is unaudited.

As a whole the information for the company would have people believe its future is secure, if not bright. The fact remains, though, that they have not filed a single document with the SEC since early 2002. Furthermore, it would seem that the only reason for the recent movement in the trade of HIRU shares, is only due to the massive promotion.