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Penny Stocks Master FAQ

Welcome to Penny
Stocks Master

Q. Is there a
high risk when investing in penny stocks?

A. YES! In fact 90% of penny stocks are junk, in my opinion. For this reason it
takes a great deal of time and know how to find the other 10% which are the
exact opposite.

Q. Do I need to have allot of money to invest in your picks
if I want to do so?

A. NO, not at all. You can start with as little as $250 and work your way up.

Q. What is included in the Membership if I decide to upgrade?
A. If you decide to subscribe and upgrade your account you get the following:

  • Access to the Club Members’ Hot Picks forum which is not to be
    confused with the one where everyone can post. In this forum I am the only one
    who can post picks and all Club Members have access to read the information.

  • Access to the Club Picks where other
    investors post their own
    picks which they feel are very good.

  • Access to the Stock Watch forum where I post stocks of
    interest to me. These are penny stocks I am not ready to upgrade to Hot Picks
    yet. Club members can post their opinions in that forum by posting a reply to
    those stocks.

  • Access to the Club Lounge where Club members can chit chat in
    private amongst themselves and with me about just about anything away from the
    prying eyes of visitors and guests.

  • Access to Above $5 Hot Picks

  • Access to long term penny stocks

Q. Why do you offer picks instead of
investing in the stocks

A. For a few reasons. First of all there are simply too many good stocks out
there and I don’t have that much money to invest in all of them due to recent
divorce. Second, I enjoy what I do and since I am a capitalist and and
Objectivist I want to make extra money and making more money is great and making
it doing what I enjoy and do anyway, why not? And lastly, I actually enjoy
helping others make money as well. This about sums it up. Some penny stocks I do
own or purchase and trade.

Q. Why don’t you simply offer all your picks for free?
A. For many reasons. One is that if I offer picks for free I would not be
helping anyone. You see, if every visitor who comes here invests in the picks as
soon as they see them then the stock may start to make a move before any other
members have a chance to get in on the action. Secondly, I am a capitalist and I
simply do NOT believe in giving anyone anything for free. people who get
something for free do not know how to appreciate it. And lastly, I like
money and people who ask for free stuff are parasites, in my opinion.
Furthermore, my picks are worth 1000s of dollars anyway! Other services charge
as much as $10,000 per year. I know, I used to be a member of one just before my

Q. What if I invest in one of your picks and I loose my

A. While this is highly unlikely it can indeed happen. This site is for
educational purposes only and YOU are required to exercise your best judgment. I
make no guarantees on any of my picks one way or another. Sites which offer
stock picks and do not respond to such a question in like manner as I have can
and often get sued or the pickers get arrested or fined by the
SEC. I am not
here to defraud anyone in any way. You must exercise your own due diligence on
all penny stocks.

Q. What do you consider Short and Long term?
A. In my book Short term=1 day to 10 months. Long term is 1 day to 3 years.

Q. Is freedom of speech respected on this site?
A. NO! If you bash or pump a stock or are abusive in my view you will lose your
posting abilities or will be banned. Re-read the forum rules you agreed to when
you signed up.

Q. I just paid for my subscription. When will my account be

A. Within 24-48 hours at most on week days. On weekends it may take longer. Make
sure to register on the forum after you have made your payment or after.

This is the only penny stocks website you will ever need for penny stock

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