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  • 1. What Are Penny
  • 2. Why Buy Penny Stocks?
  • 3. What Risks Are Involved?
  • 4. How Can PennyStockMaster.Com Help Me?
  • 5. 10 Penny Stock Trading Rules 


Penny stocks are stocks which trade for values less than $5.00, and as low as
a fraction of a cent. Many investors are  frightened by the volatility
while others make fortunes trading penny stocks.


More people have become overnight millionaires in the penny stock markets
than any other type of investment. Even small investments can turn into
fortunes, and that is what draws courageous traders towards the inexpensive
penny stocks.


Penny stocks are far more volatile than other types of stocks, so you will
see greater price movements in shorter periods of time. It is possible for you
can lose 100% of your investment. That is why it is so important to get the help
of PennyStockMaster.Com.

It is not wise to just buy any penny stock pumped on the internet by paid
pumpers. We are here to make money together so you now have a reliable place to
find good penny stock picks.

Plus, we will gladly help you along by e-mail, so that you never feel alone
or uncertain about penny stock trading.

HOW CAN PennyStockMaster.ComHELP ME:

We already do all the leg work involved in researching our penny stock picks
and we follow up on our stock picks and related news. We also have a credible
and proven track record.

Most of the time we make weekly picks and we provide the needed stock pick
due diligence data.

In addition, we are always just

an e-mail away. 


Rule # 1 – In our opinion, you shouldn’t invest more than $3000 into any one
penny stock. Penny stocks are speculative, and thus contain high degree of risk.
Besides, even a small investment in one penny stock  can pay off big-time
due to the high price movements of penny stocks.

Rule # 2 – If a penny stock hast started moving on high volume do not chase
after it. You should buy penny stocks before they move high.

Rule # 3 – You should have some available cash in your portfolio at all times
so you can respond to price movements and news with strategies such as averaging
down or diversification. With penny stocks you almost always have an opportunity
to average down and again, averaging down with penny stocks is usually a good

Rule # 4 – Sell when you’ve made a nice profit. Many investors allow greed to
overcome their judgment and they hold on to a stock even after it has gone up
significantly. This is dangerous because such confidence can be crushed in a
matter of hours sometimes days. Again, penny stocks can make you a fortune but
you must take profits when a stock has multiplied five or six times in value.

Rule # 5 – Don’t panic and sell. Penny stocks are very volatile, and usually
rise or fall greatly within days or hours. Also understand that penny stocks are
for people who do not have emotional problems. Penny Stocks will roller coaster
often and this can cause some to panic.

Rule # 6 – Use a broker like
RushTrade.Com that charges low commissions. With penny stocks, trading often
can cost a great deal, so a discount broker will help you avoid high

Rule # 7 – Check your stock prices at least once a day.

Rule # 8 – Never buy stocks because you heard a hot tip from a friend or seen
a tip somewhere on the internet on a unrelated site. Only trust a proven
recommendation services which have a proven track record, and/or your own

Rule # 9 – Do yourself a favor by doing your own research basic due
dilligence. Or even better by using the advice of a penny stock investment
professional such as

Rule # 10 – Have fun when trading penny stocks. Penny stock investing is a
great deal of fun and can be  exciting because the potential rewards are
greater and will come more often and quicker than other investments. Always have
a positive attitude and never panic.

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