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You have all heard about how Microsoft
and Xerox started as penny stocks. Also, no doubt, you have heard the horror
stories about periodic penny stock scams. The real truth about penny stocks
falls somewhere in between these extremes. In reality, many penny stock
companies are making a serious effort to succeed. Yes, investing in them is not
for wimps. However, I believe you can minimize the risks, AND MAKE SOME SERIOUS

My name is Maximus Illuminati, President and CEO of MyMatchmaker.Com Corp, a development stage company preparing to go public. I am
a book author as well as a long time investor in penny stocks. I used to work on
another penny stocks picks website where I have a great
track record. However, due to a falling out with my ex-partner I decided to
part ways and start on my own. As I try to build a new track record on this
site, which I will, I hope to give you an opportunity to make good money and
make great friends.

My background is in Computer Information Technology and I have a
degree in Electronics. I have worked for 1St Tennessee Bank, LaSalle bank, South
Trust Bank, Intel, Microsoft and a few others as a Systems Engineer. In my spare
time I played with stocks and over time I realized that I had a gift for picking
hot penny stocks and other stocks. I also own and operate
MyStockForum.Com for
investors with at least $10,000 to invest.

You need not listen to “professional analysts” for stock advice.

“When Merrill Lynch analyst Joseph Osha downgraded Intel (INTC:Nasdaq

commentary –
to neutral from buy on Monday, some people thought it was a contrary indicator
— that is, a good reason to buy the stock. The 10% drop in the stock Wednesday
affirmed the call, but notwithstanding his current prescience, critics say
Osha’s track record leaves a lot to be desired. During 2003, for example, he
held a neutral rating on Intel for about four-and-a-half months, during which
time the stock rose about 40%.

Going further back to January 2002, Osha slapped a strong buy rating on Intel
when it was sitting at $33.52. By early June of that year, the stock had fallen
17% whereupon he down-graded it to neutral. Intel then fell another 32% before
Osha advised investors to sell in November.”

Read complete story

If you paid close attention at how the stocks recommended by “professional
analysts” have performed like I have you will find that they are no better at
picking hot stocks than anyone else who spent a few days reading up at

That is right people, the professional analysts are paid millions of dollars
per year to make money for their bosses and the investment firms who hire them.

This website was established in order to provide a platform where intelligent
individual investors have a place to support one another and the stocks they
like. There are countless hot stock picks sites and “professional analysts” who
have their own selfish interest in mind. Nothing wrong with that but let’s not
kid ourselves, most of the “hot stock picks” websites are pump’n dump sites and
most of the stocks they pick either spike once in a while when they are pumped
or they crash. Here on our website individuals have an opportunity to make an
informed decision on hot picks after they have done their own due diligence
coupled with the amount of people backing a particular hot pick.

On this site we declare the coming end of “hot stock pick” websites. Now
there is no reason to join any of those unproven hot stock picks websites. If
you see someone recommending a stock send them over and ask them to put their
money where their mouth is. If they are not willing to do so run away from them
as fast as you can. If they do come over here and submit their hot pick then
keep an eye on it to see how many other people like the stock by the amount of
sentiments and/or recommendations other people submit. It is that simple. Most
of the time people who recommend a stock own the stock or have family members
who own it or are paid by a firm to promote it.

The New Scam

The individual investor must know that there are now 1000s of “Investor
relations” firms who are no such thing. What these firms do is they get paid to
promote a stock and they do so regardless of the stock’s worth. In addition they
pay people to go all over the internet and on popular stocks forums and eLists
to either promote or bash a stock.

Market Makers Scams

Many market makers and organized clubs also get paid to manipulate stocks. In
the case of a Market Maker, if they get a client who pays them to accumulate a
particular stock at a certain price then the Market Maker will work either alone
or in concert with other Market Makers to bring down the price of a stock in
order for them to be able to accumulate the stock for their client. The only way
to stop such devious practices is for individual investors to hold on to their
stock if they have it and to support the stock by submitting their stocks as hot
picks on here and for other investors to support the hot pick with their
sentiments and/or recommendations. One would think that the SEC would put a stop
to these Market Makers’ practices but you see, the SEC is a mafia style
organization whose top brass is in bed with the big players. For example,
“shorting” a stock is equal to “defamation of character” and such practices must
not be allowed at all. When you see an order for 300 shares, 600 shares or 900
shares know this: those are market maker signals to one another to manipulate
the stock. 300 means bring the price down at least 30% and 600 means provide
resistance and 900 means let the stock float. You will usually see these trades
early in the day, many times pre-market and when the volume slows down or around
1:30 – 2:30 PM EST

Then the organized clubs come into play. Several such clubs will list a
company’s stock on other exchanges without the company’s permission and
knowledge. The most popular one this year is listing the stocks of companies on
the Berlin Stock Exchange where they can short the stock into the ground. Here read this
Press release
These organized clubs also pay people to go on Yahoo!
boards and RagingBull and others to either bash or pump stocks. In recent months
they have even managed to convince some RagingBull people to trash the stock
UCSY which happens to be a very good value stock and no sane person would want
to bash it unless they are paid to do so.

The PennyStocksMaster.Com Website

I have decided to start this website after seeing so many crooks get away
with so much fraud and unethical behavior. I invite all individual investors to
join this new community website and become part of a true support community
where each opinion matters. If you do your due diligence on a stock and you come
to like the stock and your gut feeling says its a good stock then buy it and
have patience and come here and share it with others. The key to making mo0ney
on stocks is having patience. Right now many stocks are dirt cheap and great
bargains. Also keep an eye on the Featured Companies which are featured by me.
Keep an eye on them and when they perform you will have an idea of how much
value to place on my featured companies. All featured companies are stocks I own
or plan to own and non of them are pup’n dump because I only feature value
stocks which means they will not explode right after I post them. They may
explode soon after but most of the time they will perform based on value which
means it may take some time. In either case, I am NOT a professional analyst and
I am NOT licensed to give investment advice, so make your own decisions.
Remember, the professional analysts were telling people to Buy and Hold the
Enron and Worldcom stock up till the day they crashed.

With countless websites claiming to give people access to hot stock picks and
hot penny stocks on the increase
individual investors are conned into paying the fees those sites ask for. The
last search I did in Yahoo! for Hot Stock Picks came up with almost 2 million

In response to this wave of hot stock picks scams I have started
HotMiocrocap.Com where
individual investors have a chance to make real money on REAL hot stock picks.
You see, the key to picking hot stock picks and especially hot penny stocks is
doing a great deal of research which INCLUDES contacting the company and
speaking to various executives and management. Sometimes it also involves being
a little sneaky when contacting the companies.

No matter, we aim to put those hot stock picks con artists out of business.
Having said this, I must say, there are a FEW very good hot stock picks websites
but I stress the word few. I can only think of about 13 hot stock picks websites
7 of which are very good with penny stocks. So you see, out of the 1000s of “hot
stock picks” websites out there 13 is not a whole lot.

But now, investors have a place to come for REAL hot stock picks here at

http://PennyStocksMaster.Com where we post well researched hot
stock picks
and our record speaks for itself. Even now we have several very
hot stock picks
FREE for all. Our hot stock picks are out in the open and out track record is
also out in the open and always will be. So, to the individual investor I say
this: Come to PennyStocksMaster.Com and do NOT waste your money on those
countless hot stock picks websites any more. Its not worth it. Come join our
website and make yourself at home. We also have a very powerful discussion forum
where other members can post their own hot stock picks and other members can
respond. Anyone can claim that their stock is a hot pick but on our site you get
opinions from informed people.


Maximus Illuminati

This is the only penny stocks website you will ever need for penny stock

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